What is target

In the United States, Target is a big retail business with locations. The company is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was established in 1902.

Clothing, electronics, home goods, furniture, and groceries are just a few of the many products available at Target locations. The shops are well-known for their large selections and affordable costs.

Target not only runs physical stores but also an online business that lets people shop from the comfort of their homes. Many of the same things that are sold in physical stores are now available online, along with extras like gifts that can be personalized and home decor.

Target is renowned for its dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. It has put into practice a number of steps to lessen its influence on the environment, such as adopting waste reduction techniques and renewable energy sources. Various philanthropic causes, including those related to education and the arts, are also supported by it.

In general, Target is a well-liked shopping location and is renowned for its large product assortment, dedication to sustainability, and social responsibility.


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